Rainbow Communications, headquartered in Everest, KS, is pleased to announce the expansion of its fiber network to the residents and businesses in the towns of Effingham and Lancaster. Rainbow recently qualified for $2.8 million from the Connectivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) to expand its fiber network to reach underserved rural areas during a time when broadband connectivity is essential.

The federal government created the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Act (CARES Act) and has provided money to the State of Kansas for expenditures related to providing economic support for small businesses and increased internet connectivity in Kansas. In response, Rainbow applied for the CERG to bring a better broadband experience to the towns of Effingham and Lancaster. Both towns are currently underserved according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines of at least a 25Mbps by 3Mbps connection.

“Bringing faster and reliable broadband to Effingham and Lancaster aligns with our mission of enhancing rural communities by delivering exceptional broadband service, “said Jason Smith, GM-CEO of Rainbow Communications. Smith continues, “We would like to thank the Legislature and State of Kansas for recognizing the importance of broadband during this time.”

Rainbow is very grateful for the opportunity to bring its neighboring towns, Effingham and Lancaster, a better broadband experience.

Residents and business owners in Effingham and Lancaster –we cannot wait to serve you. We will be in touch with more information in the coming months.