Already a Rainbow Customer?

Already a Rainbow Customer?

We are overbuilding fiber in your community. Learn why fiber is best for your future and what to expect.

Hiawatha (Coming 2024)

Seneca (Coming 2025)

Sabetha (Coming 2026)

What is Rainbow Fiber?

Rainbow fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) is the delivery of a communications signal over fiber optics to a home or business. This fiber connection is superior to any existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires or coaxial cable. Fiber is a relatively new and advanced method that delivers virtually unlimited Internet bandwidth to consumers and businesses. Current fiber optic technology can provide two-way transmission speeds of up to 10,000 megabits per second. That’s 10 Gig! Further, as cable modem and DSL providers are struggling to squeeze higher bandwidth out of their technologies, ongoing improvements in fiber optic equipment are constantly increasing available bandwidth without having to change the fiber. As technology continues to demand more and more Internet bandwidth, your fiber will be ready to grow with it. That’s why fiber networks are said to be future-proof!



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up?

If you are already a Rainbow cable modem internet customer, no worries! You are on the list. When construction is complete and it is time to install fiber at your home, we will contact you and get you hooked up.
If you live in one of our expansion areas, such as in the city of Atchison or rural Doniphan County, click here to submit your interest.

2. What is the advantage of a fiber network?

Fiber networks are the most advanced and reliable networks. It offers the most up-to-date technology and is considered future proof.

3. What is the difference between different types of Internet connections?

Coaxial: Distance becomes a problem. Bandwidth can degrade quickly and can require extenders every 5,000 feet.

DSL: Minimal speeds are available and distance is very limited.

Fiber: Deliver speeds and transmit data at a fast rate and have low latency.

4. How does Rainbow fiber benefit my town?

1. Faster Internet: Our network is capable of keeping up with the technology demands of residents and businesses. Fiber is able to provide the fastest download and upload speeds, allowing consumers to do as much streaming, gaming, and file uploading as they wish.

2. Increased Home Value: Having access to fiber at your home increases your home value by 3.1%. A study from the Fiber Broadband Association showed that a house that has fiber access adds 1.3% value and adds an additional 1.8% if the house can support up to 1 gig. Adding 3.1% to your home’s value is equivalent to adding $5,437 to the sample median home price. That’s like adding 1 full fireplace, ½ bathroom, or ¼ of a swimming pool.

3. Community Development: A fiber network can help a city position their community for tomorrow’s jobs and economic growth. Chambers and economic development groups will be able to show developing businesses the possibilities their business can do with their broadband connection.

5. Will anyone within the city limits be able to connect to your fiber network?

For our existing cable system towns, including Hiawatha, Highland, Horton, Sabetha, Seneca, Troy, Wathena, and Elwood, Rainbow will build fiber internet to all current Rainbow customers.

For Atchison residents, we are committed to installing in every fiberhood that reaches the required level of interest. That’s why it is so important to submit your interest. Once the fiberhood reaches the required interest level, the fiberhood will be added to the construction list.

6. How long will it take to get fiber to me?

Unfortunately, building a fiber internet network takes years of planning and construction. Rainbow works with engineers to stake the neighborhoods and create the network design. We contract an experienced construction team to bury the mainline and sometimes the drops. We work with utility companies to make the poles ready. While our fiber optic internet is as fast as the speed of light, building the network seems frustratingly slow.

Hiawatha – Construction has begun, and we hope to install Rainbow fiber in our customer homes in Summer 2024.

Seneca – Construction is expected to begin in 2024, with installations as early as 2025.

Sabetha – Construction is expected to begin in 2025, with installation in 2025 or 2026.

7. Has Rainbow ever done fiber before?

Rainbow has been a pioneer in fiber network expansion, beginning as early as 2010. Our initial venture brought fiber connectivity to cooperative members in rural communities, including Arrington, Bendena, Denton, Everest, Huron, Larkinburg, Leona, Muscotah, Robinson, Severance, Whiting, and Willis. Building on this success, in 2014, we further extended our fiber network to key institutions and businesses in Hiawatha, Highland, Horton, Sabetha, Seneca, Troy, and Elwood, fostering significant economic development. Now, we are poised to take the next significant step: expanding our fiber networks to encompass every Rainbow customer.

8. What services can I get?

Please visit our residential service page here or our business service page here.

9. What is the process for getting fiber to my house?

Getting fiber to your house as an existing Rainbow customer is a seamless process, and no immediate action is required from you. Here’s what you can expect:

Initial Contact: A contractor may contact you to install a fiber-optic cable enclosure near your existing coaxial cable box. They’ll leave a note with contact information if you’re not home.

Notification of Upgrade: About 30 days before the transition from coaxial to fiber, you’ll receive a letter from us. This will detail your current internet plan, services, and the enhanced speed plans available with fiber.

Consultation Opportunity: Our Customer Relations Specialists will be available to answer any questions about your new services and assist you in understanding the benefits.

Speed Upgrade Guarantee: With the upgrade, expect a substantial increase in internet speed – at least 5 times faster than your current plan.

Scheduling Installation: Once you schedule an installation date, our technicians will efficiently set up your Rainbow services and ensure your devices are connected to your new premium Wi-Fi.


Enjoy Your Service: After installation, you’re all set to enjoy the high-speed, reliable Rainbow Fiber Internet experience.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to fiber for all our customers, and we’re excited for you to experience the difference in speed and quality.

10. How do I know what speed would be best for my household?

Click here to take our interactive broadband calculator.

11. Is there an installation charge?

No! Installation is free of charge.

12. Will my yard be impacted by the build?

Yes, it is possible that your yard will be impacted by the fiber network. The construction crews will always use the right-of-way if possible. However, each yard and home are different and can vary by the outdoor circumstances.

13. How do I check the progress in Atchison or rural Doniphan County?

To stay informed about the progress of our fiber build in your area, here’s what you can expect at different stages:


During the Construction Phase: If we are currently constructing fiber infrastructure in your town, you will receive email updates approximately every six weeks. These updates are designed to keep you informed about our construction progress and any important developments.


During the Installation Phase: Once construction is complete and we move into the installation phase in your town, you’ll receive a detailed letter from us. This letter will provide essential information on your services, and how to schedule your installation, ensuring you’re ready to transition to the new fiber service.


Additionally, for any immediate questions or more frequent updates, feel free to contact our customer relations team or visit fiber.rainbowtel.net, where we regularly post updates about the fiber build process in various areas.

14. What is a fiber drop and when does it get installed?

A fiber drop consists of a fiber cable that connects the fiber cables from our network to the Network Interface Device on the side of your home. Our construction crews will be around to run your fiber drop during the construction phase of your fiberhood.

You may be wondering why your services aren’t installed once your fiber drop is ran. This can happen for a number of reasons. The fiber process involves a few different construction crews working on different aspects of the project simultaneously. Sometimes the fiber drop crew will make it to your property before the splicing is done for your neighborhood.

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