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Rainbow Communications office to open April 5, 2021

The Rainbow Communications office at 721 Commercial Street will open to the public on April 5, 2021. The office will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The office will serve as our temporary location for our customer service team, business solutions team, video production team, and service technicians. In addition, Rainbow will share the office with RVW, the engineering firm working on the fiber project. Rainbow’s permanent location, which will be receiving some...

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Harvest Video to join parent company, Rainbow Communications, this spring

Harvest Video, a subsidiary of Rainbow Communications, will join forces and become part of the Rainbow Communications team this spring. The Harvest Video production team you have come to know and love will still be available at the 721 Commercial Street office in Atchison. “We are excited to have the video production team at Harvest join the Rainbow Communications team,” said Jason Smith, GM-CEO of Rainbow Communications and CEO of Harvest Video. Smith continues, “The Harvest team has built...

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Rainbow Communications to begin fiber construction in the city of Atchison

Rainbow Communications met with the city of Atchison, Evergy, and North Central Service on February 2, 2021, for a pre-construction meeting. During the meeting, the final details of the fiber expansion to the city of Atchison were discussed. Construction for phase one of the project is set to start on Monday, February 8, 2021. Phase one of the fiber expansion contract was awarded to North Central Service from Bemidji, Minnesota. Information about North Central Service can be found on their...

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Atchison Fiber Update

You have heard the expression, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”. Well, here at Rainbow, we cannot believe it has already been nearly 5 months since we have announced our fiber expansion to the city of Atchison. Your interest, questions, and comments have been very helpful and make the experience more than fun. Below are a few updates of checklist items we have marked off our list in the last few months:  Completed the city of Atchison engineering design for the fiber expansion. The...

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Is Rainbow bringing Google Fiber to Atchison?

When introducing ourselves and explaining that we provide fiber internet service, people often ask if we deliver Google Fiber. To answer this question is somewhat complicated, and amusingly the explanation reminds me of a classic country song. So, before I tell you which song, let me give you the back story.   In 2010, Google made a big splash by announcing that it would select one American city and overbuild it with a fiber internet network with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. With...

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Fiber Internet is Coming to Effingham and Lancaster

Rainbow Communications, headquartered in Everest, KS, is pleased to announce the expansion of its fiber network to the residents and businesses in the towns of Effingham and Lancaster. Rainbow recently qualified for $2.8 million from the Connectivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) to expand its fiber network to reach underserved rural areas during a time when broadband connectivity is essential. The federal government created the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Act (CARES Act) and has...

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