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Is Rainbow bringing Google Fiber to Atchison?

When introducing ourselves and explaining that we provide fiber internet service, people often ask if we deliver Google Fiber. To answer this question is somewhat complicated, and amusingly the explanation reminds me of a classic country song. So, before I tell you which song, let me give you the back story.   In 2010, Google made a big splash by announcing that it would select one American city and overbuild it with a fiber internet network with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. With...

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Fiber Internet is Coming to Effingham and Lancaster

Rainbow Communications, headquartered in Everest, KS, is pleased to announce the expansion of its fiber network to the residents and businesses in the towns of Effingham and Lancaster. Rainbow recently qualified for $2.8 million from the Connectivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) to expand its fiber network to reach underserved rural areas during a time when broadband connectivity is essential. The federal government created the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Act (CARES Act) and has...

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Rainbow Expands Fiber to Atchison

Sometimes the Rumor is True: Fast Fiber Internet is Coming to Atchison   As early as Summer 2021, some Atchison businesses and residents could have exceedingly fast, and scalable broadband speeds that surpass what is available in most of the country. Sounds cool, but how’s that, you might ask.  We, at Rainbow Communications, of Everest, KS, are excited to announce that we are building a fiber-optic broadband network in our neighbor city, Atchison.   You may have heard of us. We made some...

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