Residential Internet

Fast, reliable Internet to meet every lifestyle.

Internet accessibility of speeds up to 1 Gig allow ample bandwidth for running multiple wireless devices at the same time, 4K streaming video, advanced gaming, life-like video chatting, and supports a work-from-home lifestyle.


Best Value Most Popular Basic
Up to 1Gbps/100Mbps Up to 500Mbps/50Mbps Up to 150Mbps/10 Mbps
for 6 mos. w/18 month agreement
for 6 mos. w/ 18 month agreement
for 6 mos w/ 18 month agreement
Connect more than 10 internet-enabled devices at one time. Connect more than 8 internet-enabled devices at one time. Connect more than 4 internet-enabled devices at one time.
Streak 4K video, multi-player gaming, work and learn from home, and much more. Work and learn from home, game online, stream HD video, and more. Browse the web, use social media, email, and stream music.

Residential customers only. Services not available in all areas. Installation charges may apply. Internet performance may vary due to conditions outside of network control. No minimum level of Internet speed is guaranteed. Conditions affecting Internet speeds may include but are not limited to customer location, physical equipment limitations, network congestion, server or router speeds of web site access or inside wiring. Prices contingent on credit approval. Prices do not include Federal or State Universal charges, 911 fees, surcharges or taxes. Certain terms and conditions apply for intro rate for 6 months.


GigaCenter Router $7.95/mo.
Extender $5.95/mo.

Not every house will require an extender. Contact a customer service representative at 800-892-0163 to see if an extender may help the Internet experience in your house!

Battery Backup

Learn more about battery backup for your residential home phone.


Have peace-of-mind knowing you will always have a reliable connection waiting for you with home phone service.



Phone Plan Price
Local Phone Service $18.65/mo.
Flat Rate Long Distance $0.09/min.
Unlimited Long Distance $15.95/mo.


Calling Features Price
Caller ID $7.95/mo.
Voice Mail $6.50/mo.
Call Waiting $5.25/mo.
Call Forwarding $3.50/mo.

Unlimited Long Distance Plan applies to residential direct-dialed voice calls inside the United States with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska