Enjoy a safe and reliable phone connection with Nex-Tech.

With home phone service, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing there’s always a reliable connection waiting for you, your children or parents.
No software upgrades, batteries or data required. It’s a phone connection that simply works when you need it.


Phone A la carte price
Local Phone $17.25
Basic charges do not include federal, state and local taxes and mandated charges.

Frequent Caller 200 $37.05
Local phone service, 200 minutes of long distance, Caller ID Name and Number

No Limits $45.00
Local phone service, Caller ID Name and Number, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, Three-way Calling, unlimited long distance calling within the continental U.S.

Business phone and Internet packages are also available.

Advanced Calling Features

Enhance your phone service with a variety of available calling features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and more!