What to Expect in Hiawatha?


In Hiawatha, construction will begin in the summer of 2023 to expand Rainbow’s fiber-optic network to all customer homes and with in-home installs as early as July 2024. The construction project is a $5.4 Million investment in nearly 85 miles of fiber optic cabling to serve over 3,300 people.
Once the fiber is ready, we will contact you with installation dates.

To learn what your new, excitingly fast fiber internet speed will be, please call the office at 1.800.892.0162.

Construction Phase

Your fiberhood will be ready for construction once the interest percentage goal is reached. Construction to each fiberhood will take several months to complete. During this phase, if you have expressed interest in Rainbow’s fiber services to your location, your property will receive a fiber drop from our construction crews.

Sign-up Phase

During the sign-up phase you will receive an email with instructions on selecting the packages that best fit your family or business needs. At this time we will take a $25 non-refundable committment fee that will be applied to your first month’s service. If you need assistance with finding the best Internet speed for your household, visit our interactive broadband calculator or call us at 800-892-0163. One of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist in finding the perfect plan.

Schedule Install Phase

After you have filled out your services selection form, it is time to schedule your install. A customer service representative will call you to set up your install time.