What to expect?

We provide consistently reliable services which deliver innovative, essential connections that improve the lives of our customers. There is no better internet experience or technology available than fiber. With speeds up to 1Gig and no data caps, you’ll never have to worry about too slow of speeds, data overages, or speed throttling.

Building Rainbow’s fiber network in Atchison involves laying and attaching more than 75 miles of fiber-optic cable within the city of Atchison and may take several years to complete. The fiber project will consist of breaking the city of Atchison into 13 different fiberhoods. Rest assured, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference in your new Internet connection.

Building Rainbow’s fiber network in Effingham & Lancaster involves laying more than 50 miles of fiber-optic cable combined. The towns of Effingham and Lancaster are not broke up into different fiberhoods. Instead, Effingham is one fiberhood and Lancaster is one fiberhood.

Atchison county, we cannot wait to serve  you

Interest Phase

The fiberhoods are pre-determined and must reach a percentage goal of level of interest before we are able to begin construction in a fiberhood. To show interest, simply fill out the form and provide your basic information so we know you would like fiber brought to your home or business. Once a fiberhood reaches the level of interest required, it will move into the construction phase.

Construction Phase

Your fiberhood will be ready for construction once the interest percentage goal is reached. Construction to each fiberhood will take several months to complete. During this phase, if you have expressed interest in Rainbow’s fiber services to your location, your property will receive a fiber drop from our construction crews.

Sign-up Phase

During the sign-up phase you will receive an email with instructions on selecting the packages that best fit your family or business needs. At this time we will take a $25 non-refundable committment fee that will be applied to your first month’s service. If you need assistance with finding the best Internet speed for your household, visit our interactive broadband calculator or call us at 800-892-0163. One of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist in finding the perfect plan.

Schedule Install Phase

After you have filled out your services selection form, it is time to schedule your install. A customer service representative will call you to set up your install time. 

Fiberhood Complete

We will work diligently to get everyone up and running quickly so you can surf the internet and stream as much YouTubeTV as your family desires.

Determining Fiberhoods and the overall build out plan for the city of Atchison

There has been a lot of prep work in preparing for us to build a fiber network to the city of Atchison – and the work isn’t done yet. In building the fiber network for the city, we will be burying some fiber underground, and installing aerial fiber on poles. There is more than 75 miles of fiber to be installed, and the construction crews focus on one foot at a time.

However, before the construction can truly begin, the crews have been busy mapping existing utilities including wires, pipes, water lines, electric lines, and sewer. (Similar to how residents call 811 before digging in their yard!) During the construction phase of your fiberhood, you many notice paint or flags on the street, sidewalks, and in your grass. Please leave those there – they are locating marks so our construction crews know where other utility lines are.

In addition to mapping out existing utilities, an engineering team will also perform staking to fill in any missing details that will help us along the way.

Soon you’ll see our construction crews around town with their trucks, boring machines, and rolls of conduit, and fiber. We are confident in our construction plan of bringing the city of Atchison a fiber network. We hope you agree that fiber Internet has been worth the wait!

What about the weather?

As with any project, sometimes there are things that are out of our control. The weather is a big factor in the construction process of the fiber network. Our construction crews will work when they can, but sometimes weather may get in the way. We’d rather get the job done right, then get the job done fast.


Before the installation at your home or business, fiber must be ready in your neighborhood. During the construction phase, our crews will run a fiber drop and install a Network Interface Device (NID) on the outside of your location to connect the fiber to your home or business. During the schedule install phase, we will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the inside of your location.

Customers can also rent a wireless router. Our Premium Wi-Fi service features a GigaCenter router that can connect to an extender for homes that need additional coverage. The router will be positioned in a location in your home that will optimize the wireless network coverage throughout your home.

GigaCenter Router

8″ x 1.75″ x 11.25″

Order of Installation

There may be instances where a few houses in a fiberhood don’t get installed at the same time as the other houses. We understand that it can be extremely disappointing and confusing. We appreciate your patience in this process. There are a few reasons why this might happen:

  • Property access may be an issue. Sometimes we can’t get onto the property for various reason.
  • Unforeseen circumstances can arise. We wish we could prepare for every unexpected obstacle, but sometimes there are unique conditions at a particular address that affect our ability to install.

Renters, Leasers, and/or Non-Property Owners
If you are a renter, leaser, or non-property owner, we will require a signed authorization from the property owner to begin fiber construction to the property.